Jiri (Czech):
First of all, congratulations to a software like this, it seems to be exactly what I was looking for so I am very happy to find it.

Anselmo (Philippines):
Thank you so much for the help and we just would like to inform you about the incredible information we have been getting in terms of viability and reliability. Your software is indeed the best in the world.

Robert (Croatia):
Been using it for a year. Excellent piece of software.

Jason (Australia):
I must say that as a tennis journalist, I'm impressed by the usefulness of the software. Excellent work!!!

Jorn (Norway):
Thank you for a good program and keep up the good work.

Brian (Great Britain):
I recently purchased OnCourt and think it is a fabulous piece of software that has helped my bettting on tennis greatly. Congratulations to all involved in such a fine piece of work.

Grzegorz (Poland):
Great program! Good job.

Luis (Brasil):
You're software is getting better everyday. Congratulations for the new features, and I hope that you keep getting new subscribers.

Mustafa (Netherlands):
I just really love this program! I've been using OnCourt now for a while and I must say I LOVE IT! It's perfect. It really suits my need (tennis-wise) perfectly.

Dominic (Great Britain):
I am very happy to pay for that type of program.

Kari (Finland):
Your software is very nice full of data.

Kevin (Costa Rica):
I love your product and the new upgrade was fantastic.

Pete (Canada):
I recently downloaded you're OnCourt and I was tremendously satisfied with you're 15 day trial period so I decided to go ahead and place an order.

Russell (Great Britain):
Great software!

Zdzislaw (Poland):
I use the software starting first half of 2003. There is nothing better on this area. I am impressed by OnCourt 4.0 version. Great work. Thank you.

Wally (USA):
Thank you so much for OnCourt! I can't imagine trying to handicap the tennis matches without it. Kudos to you!

Matthias (Austria):
I have been searching for such a complete tennis software! Now I have found it!

Sami (Finland):
I've been a OnCourt user for two years now, and a really satisfied one, believe me. It's the finest sports software I've ever come across, and a perfect tool for a sportsbettor as myself.

Cenek (Czech):
Software like this helps me very much with my betting. Good work and thanks!

Apo (France):
This software is a must have.

Peter (Croatia):
I have to say that i am satisfied with your work so far and i plan to extend my registration in the future.

Maria (Australia):
Keep up the good work, i like the new version! Its great.

Daniel (Germany):
A very good programm!

Krystian (Poland):
I'm using OnCourt since January and I have to say that it is realy helpful with my "war" vs bookie.

David (Australia):
Fantastic program. Keep up the good work.

Paul (Great Britain):
Would like to congratulate on an excellent piece of software, top class.

Milosh (Serbia):
Great program. I like it! Very helpful in betting. I would recommend it to everyone.

Phil (Greece):
Really the best tennis software around. I wish you had it for European basketball also!!!

Scott (England):
Any tennis punter who thinks he can win without this level of detail is kidding himself. Brilliant product, a bargain at double the price.

Dadolos (Croatia):
Definitly the best software for tennis you can find!

Shane (Canada):
I am very impressed with this software. You guys deserve an award.

Alexander (Russia):
The best betting and sports software I've ever met. Very professional!!!

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